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The Fun side of Anguilla….

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Be Amazed

Check with our concierge or make you on plan based on our recommendation.  We promise you that Anguilla has something for everyone

One magical island, 33  pristine Beaches…..

Here are our favorite beaches to enjoy on the beautiful coral reef island of Anguilla…

Captains Bay

Captains Bay is located on the far eastern end of Anguilla close to Windward Point.  Perhaps the most majestic  unspoiled beach in Anguilla or the world.  Surrounded by Sea Grape Trees and rock formations.   Shoes are recommended and swimming is very dangerous. The is the go to spot for you camera and to become one with nature. Not to be missed Beach.

  • Take road out to the East End  until you see the Palm Grove Sign.  Go down the dirt road and take the left at the restaurant and follow the beach road till it stops.

Cove Bay

Home of Smokey’s at Cove Bay.  Scenic  views of St. martin and Saba.  This beautiful crescent beach has  sandy bottoms and great swimming.   It is home to the Childrens’ Water Park.

  • Located on the  west end.

 Crocus Bay

Situated in  the  iconic bowl  limestone bowl on the north side of the island. Crocus is a short boat away the isolated  Litlle Bay.   Complete with a great boat doack Crocus Bay host some of the elegant yachts in the world.  The  beach can be rocky in places but the swimming is perfect.   Paddle boards are available  on the beach.

  • From the valley travel north up the hill past Savannah Art Gallery then past Ce Blue and down the hill to Crocus Bay.

Elsie Bay

Although one of the smallest beaches it is a mecca for advanced snorkelers.  Flat water and a small swim out to coral formations are a must.

  • From the airport in the valley travel 1 mile west .  Turn left at George Hill road to Little Harbour.  Follow the road for about 1 mile and turn left as reach the marl road.  Follow the until you see Litle Harbour and turn left again.  Follow down to Elsie Bay

Island Harbour

The heart of the Anguillan fishing community.  This is a working beach with docks for local fisherman.  Some swimming is possible in the reefs guarding the beach.  Travel to Scrub Island or Scilly Cay for lunch and snorkeling .  The offshore fishing fleet is located here.  You can buy fish and lobster right off the docks.  Our favorite fish dishes   located at the  restaurant beside the docks.

  • Take the road from the Valley east out to Shoal Bay.  Take a right before Shoal Bay and travel along the beach and bear left near Artisan Pizza.  Travel through Welches Village and you will see Island Harbour on the left.

Little Bay

This is the best adventure get away location on Anguilla.  Serene private beach on the north end of the island near crocus Bar.  The perfect snorkeling spot and chances are you will be completely alone.  Bring a towel, cooler and your Bob Marley tunes and live the island life for a day.  Make sure to experience jumping from Little Bay’s “Rock”

  • Head North from the valley to Crocus Bay.  Turn right at the old Red Cross Hospital and follow the road to Roachs Hill.  Follow the Marl road to the cliff edge to access the rope down to Little Bay.  We take the small Little Bay boat over from Crocus Bay.  Just ask for Carl on the beach and he will run you over.  Accessible by private boat also.

Mimi Bay

 This is the Shell Beach of your dreams.  Very little swimmable area.  A four wheeler and hiking shoes are a must for this location

  • From Valley take Long Path Road to East End Village. Turn right at tennis courts and left on marl road. Follow road to the beach .

Maunday’s Bay

Perhaps the most beautiful Crescent shaped beach in the Caribbean.  This iconic beach is surrounded by the four star resort known as Cap Juluca.  You can only access the beach through the resort.

  • Head out to the west end of Anguilla past the Best Buy Market.  Take a left on Cap Juluca road and the bear left into the resort.   Park to the left of the resort and walk through to the beach.

Meads Bay

The most famous of all of Anguilla’s Beaches.  The best hotels like the Four Seasons, Carmiar and Malliouhana create the borders  of this magical seashore.  Great restaurants such as Blanchards, Blanchards Beach Shack, Jacala and Four Seasons Beach Bar  line the shoreline.  The water is deep in Meads Bay and large yachts are a frequent site.  During the Ground swells in December and January surfing is a popular sport.  The sand and surf of Meads Bay make it one of the top beaches in the world.

  • The beach is five miles from the airport.  Take a right immediately after the best buy.  The best local spot to park and enjoy the beach is beside Malliouhana.

Mimi Bay

There is no swimming on mimi bay but the shells are amazing.  IF you are into nature bring your jeep and hiking books and enjoy the wild side of Anguilla

  • Take the Long Path road to the East End Village.  Turn right past the public tennis courts and take the first road to the left.  Follow the dirt road to the beach.

Rendezvous Beach

The favorite Beach of us at Villa Jasmine. The beach has scenic views of St. Martin.  Pristine Turquoise water with the Cuisinart Resort at one end and the Rendezvous Hotel at the other.  The heart beat of Reggae music is located at the Dune Preserve on this beautiful beach.  The world famous Sunshine Shack is located in the middle of Rendezvous.  The swimming is spectacular and the shallow waters hold some of the best conch shells on the island.  This is the beach to spend the day at and enjoy the beach restaurants at Da Place, Cuisinart and BBQ and Lobsters with Garvey at the Sunshine Shack.

  • Head out to the West End. Take a left before the Cuisinart Hotel and head to the beach.  Public Parking at Beach.

Sand Ground

The main harbor and docks of Anguilla are located here.  Tropical does all their shipping at this locations.  The is the main embarkation point for day boat trips,  day trips to  Islands, Sail Boat excursions on Tradition and home to the traditional boat races during Carnivale.  The Dive shop is located at Roys a famous beach bar in its on right.  Great restaurants such as The Sand Bar and Dolce Vita are located  here.  The nightlife is centered around the go to spot called  The Pumphouse.  The local legend Elvis holds court at one the  most famous beach bars in the Caribbean. (Elvis’s)

  • From the airport head out to the westend.  At the Traffic Circle head right to Sandy Ground.  Main parking areas are at Johnnos and at the  Pumphouse

Shoal Bay East

On calm days the most famous and iconic beach in Anguilla.  The Reef that created Anguilla is easily seen from his beach.  Beautiful azur water and  perfect sand.  Two four star hotels Zemi and Manoah are located on this two mile beach .  Ideal beach restaurants such as Madiraman are on this beach.  Gwens Reggae Bar is a must stop on Sundays.

  • From the airport take the road out to the east end.  At the roundabout veer left and head out to the beach.  Parking is at the top of the hill and you can walk to the beach and rent chairs and umbrellas.

Shoal Bay West

This secluded beach is home to architectural gem call the Cove Castles.  Restaurant Tremonte  sits in the center of this classic beach.  Scenic views of Saba and the West End.  You are not far from the famous Anguilla Arch.  There is usually not many people on this beach and the swimming is just perfect.

  • Take the road from the airport to the very end of the west end.   Take the small paved road to the left and go past the Cove Castles Tennis courts.  Follow the dirt road to the restaurant where you can park and head to the beach.

Windward Point/Savannah Bay/ JunkHole

There are few places in the world that remain just as they were hundreds of years ago.  Nature at here very best.  The very east end of Anguilla is a  place you must see.  You can see St. Martin and Sint Barths and witness the raw power of the Atlantic.  This is the ultimate kite boarding and surfing location.  The Palm Grove is our favorite Beach Restaurant and Bar.

  • Go to the very end of the east end  and turn right onto the Junk Hole road next to the grocery store.  Follow the dirt roads to the ultimate Caribbean Secret Spot.

Our favorite spot for snorkeling is out our front door at Villa Jasming.  Located in Turtle Cove  in front of Mallilouhana on world class Meads Bay.  The following list of snorkeling sites are considered the best on the island.

Shoal Bay East

Go the point on the beach where the reef touches the beach .   Follow the reef to the east then north and back around the back to the east.  This tour will take about 40 minutes

Little Bay

Snorkel along the rock formations to the right of Little Bay.  The Little bay trip is a part of the Prickley Pear excursion boat trip.  The perfect secluded spot

Prickly Pear Island and Sandy Island

Just off the north of Sandy Ground.  Explore the reefs just off these great islands.  Turtles and stingrays are common

Sandy Hill Beach

A  great snorkeling spot on the eastern end of island facing st. martin.  Fairly deep water showcases fish and stingrays.

Pelican Bay

Located between Crocus and Little bay.  Arrive by boat and snorkel the rock ledges. Fish and coral formations abound.


  • Shoal bay Scuba  E;  C: 264-235-1482
  •  Garfield’s Sea Tours   E:  C; 264-235-7902
  • Juniors Glass Bottom Boats   C:  264-235-1008
  • Sail Chocolat E:  C:  264-497-3394

For over two hundred years boating and fishing have been the main traditions and life sustaining force of Anguilla.  The Boat Races around Carnival reaffirm this great Anguillan Traditon.  The Heineken Regatta on St.Martin and The Bucket on Sint Barths are classic races in the Spring.  Here are a list of boat operators  to explore Anguilla.

 The Cays of Anguilla

The uninhabited islands of Dog, Prickly per and Sandy Island are in close proximity.  There are day time boat excursions to all three.


Private Charters are available for world class off shore fishing.

Sail Boat Charters

Laurie and Debra charter the great sailing ship called Tradition.  Locate them through the Pumphouse. Boat departs from Sandy Island.

 Boat Operators

  • Gotcha Seas Tours 264-235-7902
  • Shoal Bay Scuba 264-497-3394
  • Tradition
  • Juniors Glass Bottom 264-235-1008
  • Sea pro Charters 264-584-0074
  • Funtime Charters 866-334-0047
  • Calypso Charter 264-584-8504

The boat tours to the outer island of Anguilla are a must do. Here are our top choices

Prickly Pear Cay

              Located six miles west of Road Bay.  This castaway feel of these two cays is remarkable.  One of the most special moments for us at Villa Jasmine was the hatching of the Turtles on Prickly Pear.  Explore the coral reefs or just walk the pristing sands of this beautiful place.   Lunch at Agatha’s beach bar and grill  and enjoy local bbq and fish.

Dog Island

Located 8 miles northeast of road bay.  The ultimate deserted island.  500 acres of rocky island and sandy beaches.  Home to leatherback and green sea turtles.  The snorkeling and diving are perfect.  A slice of heaven for boaters and day trippers.

Sandy Island

A short 1 mile from Road Bay by boat on the hour.  A very popular day boat destination.  Rent beach chairs and cabanas at the iconic sand bar.  A great beach bar and restaurant are on island .  A glass of rose and and perfect day.

Scilly Cay

A short five minute boat ride form island harbor.  Eudozie owns this go to beach bar and restaurant.  Snorkel, beach it, do lobster and rum punch.  A great  island day.


  • Garfields Sea Tours C: 264-235-7902
  • Sea Pro Charters C: 264-235-0074
  • GB Express C: 264-584-6205
  • Funtime Charters C: 866-334-0047
  • Calypso C: 264-584-8504

Adventure sports are alive in Anguilla.  A constant 12 knot wind blows from the Easterlies.  The winds pick up every December and January.  Savannah Bay is the mecca of kite surfing.  Tropical Paradise and Anguilla Surf are the go to players for kiteboarding and surfing.

Complete safe instruction is available hourly at Tropical Paradise.  Three hour of instruction is required for novice boarders.

Judd Burton is the owner of Tropical Paradise/Anguilla Watersports.  His company can set you up to see Anguilla by SUP.  His company offers lesson for novice, intermediate and advanced rentals and tours.  You can arrange pick up at Jasmine Villa or have Tropical drop off a board for you at your favorite beach location.

index C: 264-584-1201


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