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Check with our concierge or make you on plan based on our recommendation.  We promise you that Anguilla has something for everyone

Restaurant Name Location Contact Fare
Andy’s Restarant Lower Airport Road 498-2639 Local
B & D Long Bay n/a Local BBQ
Blanchards Mead’s Bay 497-6100 Fine Dining
Blue at Cap Juluca Maunday’s Bay 497-6666 Beach Dining
Dolce Vita Sandy Ground 497-8668 Italian
Da Place Rendezvous Bay n/a Beach Dining
Elvis Sandy Ground 498-0101 Beach Dining
E’s South Hill 498-8258 Local
FerryBoat Inn Blowing Point 497-6827 Local
Flavours South Hill 462-6623 Fine Dining
Four Season West End n/a Beach Dining
Gwens’s Shoal Bay 497-4290 Fine Dining
Hibernia Island Harbor 497-4290 Fine Dining
Jacala Mead’s Bay 498-5888 Fine Dining
Ocean Echo Mead’s Bay 498-5454 Beach Dining
Palm Grove Junk Hole n/a Beach Dining
Picante West End 498-1616 Mexican
Pimms at Cap Juluca Maunday’s 497-6666 Fine Dining
Pumphouse Sandy Ground 497-5438 Beach Dining
Prickly Pear Prickly Pear 497-5864 BeachDining
Q Long Bay n/a Fine Dining
Roys Sandy Ground 497-2470 Beach Dining
Sandbar Sandy Ground 498-0171 Beach Dining
Straw Hat Mead’s Bay 497-8300 Beach Dining
Tokyo Bay Rendezvous Bay n/a Japanese
Trattoria Tamonto Shoal Bay 497-8819 Italian
Veya Sandy Ground 498-8392 Fine Dining

Anguilla Food and Wine

Whether you are enjoying fresh purchased seafood off the docks or island harbor.  Creating your own fare or dining out Anguilla has the best of all three..

We recommend Best Buy on the West End as the most fully stocked grocery store.  Remember that the containers land on Monday and produce is at its freshest on Tuesday.

Best Buy Supermarket  (Rainbow Isles Shopping Center Long Road – Get Directions)   264-497-4444

Rainbow Farms    (Best local Greens and produce – Get Directions)   264-581-6628

Light House (Flash West End – Get Directions)    Best small convience markets

Proctors (The Valley – Get Directions)  The best source of fresh meats and poultry

Wine Destinations….

Le Gout du Vin is the best stop for wine.  Over 800 selections mostly Eurocentric.  Natalie is a very experienced wine purveyor and she is eager to help.  Champagnes, Fine liquors and negociant French wines are their strengths.

Le Gout de Vin (South Hill Plaza – Get Directions) 264-497-3133

Four Best Restaurant Wine list are;

  1. Veya – Get Directions
  2. The Q Hotel – Get Directions
  3. Cuisinart – Get Directions
  4. Hibernian – Get Directions